Sunday, July 15, 2007

Celebrities in the distance, part 94

As part of our big update, here's three new entries in the photo game known as Celebrities in the Distance. For new readers, it's quite simple.
1. Can you see a celebrity?
NO: Game Over.
YES: Go to 2.

2. Are you brave enough to speak to them?
YES: Well done, have your photo taken properly with them pretending to be your friend. Game over.
NO: Go to 3.

3. Pretend to rather awkwardly compose a text message, when in fact, you're taking a photo of the Celebrity in the Distance. Now send it to me for publication here.

We have a cracker to start, not only because he is Very Famous, but also because I had no idea who he was.
Holy crap, it's only the captain of the German national football team and Chelsea mid-fielder (says Wikipedia) Michael Ballack:

You don't believe me, do you? Look more closely. It is, you know...!

Sadly we can't maintain that momentum for long, as next up is a TV Chef. Is it Neil Gardner doing an impression? No it actually is Anthony Wozza-Tommo, showing off at the Taste of London event.

And here's top popsters Travis - who I'd love to be snide about, but actually they were rather good and Fran came across as a nice guy - performing at the Arqiva Commercial Radio Awards, where commercial radio did well, winning ALL of the awards.

Got any more? Send 'em!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hard Gay

And if putting a title like that on a post doesn't send our visitor count skyrocketing, I don't know what will.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Urban Pony

When I asked Will about York he said "we had a great time doing the Urban Pony", which I thought could either be a pub, a drink, a form of methamphetamine or a sexual act.

When he informed me the Urban Pony was a "dance" "move", I was disappointed.

He then told me that the photo (see "I think it's best not to try to explain this photo...") below was an accurate physical manifestation of the "Urban Pony".

It looks to me like he was about to suggest the photographer might like to engage in a sporting endeavor governed by the Queensberry rules, or that he was engaging in an hilarious imaginary midnight tug-of-war contest. Or just falling over.

Friday, April 13, 2007


It's the future. No really. Forget boring old myspace. Facebook rocks.

I'm not very good at it and I'm not really sure how it works, but if you go to and have a look for me (I go under the nom de plume of "Nick" "Wallis") and then join yourself and we can be buddies.

In fact the one bugger about it seems to be that its very difficult to find people you want to find unless you are linked to them through a mutual friend. This is perhaps because facebook has become known as stalkerbook in the US, or, again, perhaps, because I don't know what I'm doing.

Anyway, I urge you to set up an account. Maybe you already have and I've just been left far behind. I don't know, because I'm very bad at finding people.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Nothing ever happens...

There's not much news in Chelmsford.
I guess this is what you call a "diary story"... generally happens once a year, usually around Dec-Jan-Feb?
Fact: The newspaper is known locally as "The Chronic".

Still doesn't beat my all time favourite barker, from the clearly psychic South London Press: "Mum to be knifed". When - tomorrow?

I think it's best not to try to explain this photograph either...

Photo: Matt Deegan

11pm on the genteel streets of York. The effects of binge drinking are all too evident.

Er, that is all.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

More breaking news...

Hi All

Unfortunately, the World Tour has had to be cancelled due to illness. Andrew has caught a tummy bug and has been struggling to keep any food down since Thursday. He is projectile vomiting everytime we put him in the car for more than 15 minutes. The doctor has said that we should refrain from travelling until his tummy settles down and the prospect of 8 hours of vomiting child has resulted in the decision to cancel the trip.

We were so looking forward to seeing all of you again, so we're dissapointed that we have to do this, but we hope you understand.

Anyway, we're off now until about 13th April or so, so if any of you wanted to come to the far north instead then you'd be most welcome. just let us knowApologies to anyone that had to rearrange anything.

Speak to yoiu all soon

David, Kim and a sick Andrew